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Rookie In Town offers a comprehensive rental service that covers the entire process and your needs as a landlord. The idea is to offer specific advice, as well as the necessary support so you do not have to worry about anything. We will take care of everything: we will look for the tenants, we will formalize the contracts, we will manage the charges and we will attend to any incident throughout the stay, with the neighbors and the community. 

Our goal is to provide a quality service, putting at your disposal our experience and a team of professionals willing always to look after your interests and to keep your assets in optimal conditions.

Rent your apartment safely and in the way you are most interested

If not chosen well, renting an apartment can be an adventure full of unforeseen events and worries. That is why it is convenient that before doing so, you value all the options that are in the market. 

Our team will advise you on the different options in which we are specialists. We have extensive experience managing properties and flats for rent both in Madrid and Valencia. The data supports us, we already manage almost 300 assets of increasingly satisfied clients who choose us, and recommend us, as the best option to manage their assets.

What options do you offer me?

We currently manage two types of rental. You can allocate your home to traditional rental covered under the Urban Leasing Law, or you can rent it by rooms to students and young professionals. There are two different modalities that offer different advantages. We will help you decide which one interests you the most. 

  • Traditional rental

If you decide on the traditional rental you are betting on a long-term rental, where the rotation will be lower and the tenants, if a good selection is made, will give few problems. It is an option where you ensure more peace of mind and stability as it is a continuous demand. After all, we are all looking for a home to live in. 

Rookie In Town, with its comprehensive rental management model, will help you to put your apartment in the market in the best conditions to compete with other apartments. We will advise you on the adaptation of the home, if necessary, on the prices and on the most suitable tenant profile. During the stay we will take care of checking in, handing over keys, changes of ownership of supplies, the deposit, payments, incidents and updates of the home at the end of the contract to find it again as it was when you rent it. You will not have to worry about anything. 

  • Room rental to students and young professionals

The other modality is to rent by rooms to students and young professionals. In this case, the rotation is higher since in most cases, these rentals are subject to the dates of the academic courses. It is a more profitable rental that offers greater availability of the home for the owner because the contracts are signed for stays of no more than twelve months. 

At Rookie In Town we collaborate with numerous entities within the education sector. That is why our occupancy rates are so high during the 12 months of the year. Our team will be in charge of attending the arrivals of the students, and the entire stay, we can also attend them in English and French. During that time, we will offer cleaning and maintenance services, payments management and control of consumption expenses. We will be available 24/7 to attend to any incident that may arise and process the appropriate measures in each case. You will not have to take care of anything or attend to any incident. Our job will be that you only have to worry about enjoying the profitability that this model offers.

What are the advantages of renting with Rookie In Town?

In either of the two modalities we will offer you a great online showcase through our platform, and others with which we collaborate, to give it the widest possible diffusion and ensure the maximum possible occupancy throughout the year. 

We are going to offer you transparent management. You will have access to your account as an owner on our platform. From there you will be able to consult in real time the status of the assets, the signed contracts and the dates of stay, payments and expenses… In addition, you will be able to contact us to send us any questions you have. You will be able to consult the reports where we reflect the evolution of your income and expenses, the profitability and its evolution. All this information will be available to you at any time from any electronic device. 

The papers are over! Thanks to our innovative online platform you will be able to sign your contracts digitally and with full legal validity. You will not have to travel to sign or keep countless papers or folders. You will have access to all the PDF documents for whatever you need.

In addition, you will have a team of professionals focused on you and your concerns as an owner. You will always have a person to whom you can contact, and we will always offer you personalized attention. There are jobs that technology cannot do, that's why we have the best professionals to cover and guarantee global rental management, for real.

Our team will offer you a professional service designed to cover all the steps of the rental.

Our rental management includes:

Online platform

Forget about papers, contracts and visits to the apartment to sign. From our platform you can digitally sign the documentation, review the status of your assets, contracts, payments and expenses

Homestaging and set-up of the apartment

From painting, plumbing and electrical to homestaging service


Optimization of reservation dates to guarantee maximum occupancy

Payment management

We manage the payment of rents and control consumption expenses

Check in / out management

We take care of all the arrivals and departures of the tenants

Cleaning and maintenance

We carry out all kinds of preventive and reactive maintenance for the optimal maintenance of the home during the rental

Legal and tax advice

We advise you on all legal and tax procedures related to rental and condiminium

We want our owners to enjoy a secure rental, facilitating the procedures and offering all the necessary services. 

Our two fundamental objectives of the comprehensive management of the rental are to make the rental profitable and the maintenance of the asset in good condition. In short, our main mission is to take care of your assets and that you can completely disregard from their management.

Can we take care of the management of a complete building?

By having a multidisciplinary team, we offer you the possibility of managing the common areas of the buildings (cleaning, maintenance, control of the periodic supervision of common elements such as storage rooms, elevators, garbage rooms, fire extinguishers ...). In addition, we will communicate with all tenants and advise you on the need for improvements in the common areas for the revaluation of the asset. 

In addition, from our online platform you can be informed at the moment about the course of the incidents, and any other information that may be of interest to you. 

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